Never Skip a Skip

On Tuesday Buster and I were on one of our neighbourhood watch strolls. We're not official members or anything, but Buster likes to know about everything that's happening in our area. And in great detail. Every hedge is investigated, every lamp post claimed, every single person inspected. Our walks take a while. 

On our Tuesday walk we passed by a full-to-the-brim skip. Now as Buster cannot fight the urge to claim it as his own, so I cannot resist having a peak inside. This skip had Treasure. Serious Treasure in the shape of glass paned doors. I promptly knocked on the door, made friends with the builders, stopped Buster from too serious an inspection of them and promised to return with my car immediately. 

The doors made it home, past my husband's raised eyebrow and have taken up residence in my shed. I'm very pleased to have them here and must now find some worthy handles.